The Registry

A registry exists that shows which PSICQUIC services exist and what is their current state. It can be found here:

The registry also shows the number of total binary interactions that each resource has made available through PSICQUIC.


There are different ways to access the service, depending if you just want to have a quick look or have an application that want to check the services status programmatically. The URL to access the Registry is RESTful, and follows this syntax:


Except for the action parameter, the rest are optional. The following tables show what values are available for each parameter:

The following table summarises the different parameters that can be passed to the URL.

Parameter Mandatory Default Description
action Yes The action to be done
format No The format to use when viewing the registry
name No Filters the list by name
protocol No soap Allows to retrieve soap or rest urls from the services
restricted No y Allows to filter the restricted services from the list
tags No Allows to filter by tag the services from the list


The 'action' parameter

This parameter is mandatory.

Value Description Example
STATUS Lists all the services
ACTIVE Only shows the active services
INACTIVE Only shows the inactive services

The 'format' parameter

This parameter is optional. The default behaviour is to show an web page with the services.

Value Description Example
none Shows a web page
xml Returns an XML response with all the available information
txt Simple text page that contains the name and SOAP URLs of the services (but can retrieve REST URLs when combine with protocol=rest) separated by an '=' character
count Returns just the count of services

The 'name' parameter

The name is optional and can be used just to get the information for one specific service. Examples:

The 'protocol' parameter

The protocol parameter is optional. It can be used to retrieve SOAP or REST URLs from the list of services.

Value Description Example
rest REST URLs
soap SOAP URLs

The 'restricted' parameter

The restricted parameter is optional. It can be used to hide from the list those services that are restricted, normally due to licensing issues.

Value Description Example
y All services including restricted services
n All services excluding restricted services

The 'tags' parameter

The tags parameter is optional. it can be used to select a specific list of PSICQUIC services based on the tagging of their data content. There are currently 5 data content main categories described on the PsicquicServiceTags page. You can describe a specific tag by either using its name or its MI ontology identifier (e.g. MI:0960 is equivalent to 'imex curation'). You can build a query using the boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.
Here are a few sample queries:

Description Query URL
Only IMEx data providers imex curation curation
protein protein interaction and internally-curated protein-protein AND internally-curated AND internally-curated
protein protein interaction AND neither text mining nor predicted protein-protein AND NOT (text-mining OR predicted) AND NOT (text-mining OR predicted)

Please note that when encoding the query into a URL you will have to encode special characters following standard guidelines. For your convenience we have summarised the main ones you will need with tags here:

Character Encoding
Space %20
- %2D
: %3A
( %28
) %29

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